Our New Strategy

2022–27 Strategy

Our purpose
is to ensure that the Welsh language is an important part of everyone’s life in Wales by providing bold and innovative content that celebrates our contemporary culture.

Our vision
is of a Wales where the language belongs to us all, and of uniting the nation through our content.

As we set out to implement our new strategy, we will pay due attention to our values as an organisation, namely:

Diversity   Engagement   Innovation   Ambition

Get to know, and build a relationship with our audience

  • Use data to ensure that the audience informs all our decisions.
  • Understand our audience and personalise their experiences.
  • Create a clear dashboard to measure our value and performance.
In order to realise these objectives, we will:
  • Define our measurements – set clear targets that we can measure reliably;
  • Create a dashboard and set up a ‘listen to our audience’ programme; and
  • Use data to personalise experiences, and build relationships with our audience.

Create noise with bold content

  • Understand our audience and produce content that creates the conversation and is internationally recognised.
  • Extend our reach and increase the impact of our service within communities.
  • Prioritise drama, sport and children.
In order to realise these objectives, we will:
  • Follow the model: Identify the Audience > Commission Content which appeals to the audience > Publish on the most appropriate Platform to reach the audience;
  • Define our priorities based on audience needs;
  • Develop long-term content strategies – for the drama, sport, children genres; and
  • Create a plan for partnerships, co-productions, and developing international markets.

“Provide your content on your platform”

  • Ensure prominence and availability across the main viewing platforms.
  • Schedule content across all platforms, rather than take a ‘linear-first’ approach.
  • Build commercial relationships with our partners.
  • Develop talent to convey digital content.
  • Ensure prominence to our diverse communities on and off screen.
In order to realise these objectives, we will:
  • Schedule the publication of content across all platforms;
  • Increase the availability and prominence of our content across contemporary viewing platforms;
  • Refine our processes to reflect our new publishing strategy; and
  • Work with the sector to develop a training strategy.

Establish ourselves as the home of Welsh national experiences

  • Take ownership of national events and hold the conversation around them; from music to sport.
In order to realise these objectives, we will:
  • Plan a comprehensive programme of events across Wales; and ensure a prominent presence for S4C;
  • Develop our use of social media – create noise, and communicate our purpose; and
  • Launch our new brand.

“Welsh belongs to all of us” – working with others to reach a million Welsh speakers

  • Work with our partners to achieve the million and double usage, and ensure that we are seen as a prominent partner contributing to the prosperity of the Welsh language.
In order to realise this objective, we will:
  • Define and formalise our relationship with our partners, to create a clear partnership strategy; and
  • Play a leading role in the growth of the Welsh language, and lead the way forward.

Reflect Wales in all its diversity

  • Ensure we reflect Welsh communities by setting clear diversity targets, both internally and across our productions.
In order to realise this objective, we will:
  • Work with the sector to ensure we reflect our communities in all their diversity; and
  • Set clear targets for diversity in our content, and measure against these targets.

Create value using our resources

  • Create a clear corporate plan with specific objectives.
  • Identify commercial opportunities to help us realise the true value of our products.
In order to realise these objectives, we will:
  • Develop a new commercial strategy;
  • Identify alternate markets for our content;
  • Refine our funding processes to reflect our new multiplatform strategy;
  • Define our shopping list, and protect our rights; and
  • Refine our procurement processes to reflect our strategy.

Inspire and nurture talent in Wales

  • Support our partners in the sector to inspire and develop new talent in Wales, through partnership across the creative sector.
In order to realise this objective, we will:
  • Invest in resources to enable us to understand the needs of the production companies, and the wider sector; and
  • Ensure a clear path for new talent, and develop our skills and capacity to deliver our strategy.