Performance Review and Future Priorities

At the end of the first year of the 2022–27 Strategy I am therefore very pleased to report positive progress with highlights such as:

  • S4C’s weekly reach (in Wales) has increased to 324,000 – 8% higher than last year and the highest for five years.;
  • S4C’s weekly reach to Welsh speakers is 150,000, which is 14% higher than last year and also the highest for five years;
  • Viewing of S4C’s peak-time programming up 16% since last year, and our 16–44 age audience was at its highest for a decade, and 45-64 at its highest for 9 years;
  • S4C’s share of viewing at its highest for a decade, showing we are performing well against other channels;
  • S4C catch-up audience (1-7 days after broadcast day) at record levels;
  • An increase of 10% in viewing of S4C programmes across Clic and iPlayer; and
  • S4C’s viewing hours on YouTube almost doubled.



As we look towards the second year of the Strategy, our priorities in 2023–24 will remain constant and will build on this year’s successes. We will continue to:

  • Create bolder content to attract a younger audience and a C2DE audience;
  • Embed the transition to a multi-platform world and maintain the momentum of implementing our platform strategy; and
  • Implement our ‘OUR culture’ programme to create a S4C which is among the best in the world.