Provide content on the audience’s platforms of choice

As well as reaching new platforms, we also need to know our audiences, and what they want to watch. And there is much thanks to the research team for the work that has been done over the past year – developing a new dashboard that has enabled us to deliver a commissioning process that is more flexible and better meets audience viewing needs.

As we build our platforms strategy, the audience has responded positively.

The increasing use of S4C content across the various platforms therefore undoubtedly means that scheduling content across those platforms is now as important as scheduling on traditional linear television.

Measuring performance and viewing on other platforms is also core, and new performance measures have been agreed during the period, and are outlined in this report for the first time. One of the key objectives of the 2022–27 Strategy is to offer the content people want to watch on the platforms they use. So as we expand the opportunities to engage with the service on different platforms and devices, it is very encouraging to see that the audience is growing too.

Our viewing figures on Clic and iPlayer is at an all-time high with a 10% increase since last year. When our Dal y Mellt drama was released in October 2022, 50% of viewing after the linear broadcast day was via different catch-up methods. And other series have seen similar trends, such as Gogglebocs Cymru where 60% of the series’ viewing hours were on-demand after the original broadcast, reflecting the viewing habits of young people. Gogglebocs Cymru is also noteworthy due to the very high appreciation of the series amongst younger audiences (and particularly 16-24s).